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  • Differences in WM_NCHITTEST with DWM enabled

    I was messing around with handling WM_NCHITTEST.&nbsp; I have the frame extended over the entire client area so I thought it would be useful to translate HTCLIENT to HTCAPTION.&nbsp; No problem there. But just for kicks, I decided to also [temporarily] translate HTMINBUTTON, HTMAXBUTTON, and HTCLOSE&nbsp;to HTCAPTION and that's where it got ...
    Posted to Geekin' It Real (Weblog) by bbenson on September 18, 2007
  • Vista To The Rescue

    Thanks to Windows Vista and my subsequently installing it on my work system, I have returned to what I did for the 5 years prior to learning C#:&nbsp;programming against the Win32 API in C++. I&nbsp;ventured back to the unmanaged world in order to try out the new APIs and controls available in Vista.&nbsp; I've already played around with the DWM ...
    Posted to Geekin' It Real (Weblog) by bbenson on August 13, 2007
  • Comic circus

    My job is a comic circus.&nbsp;&nbsp;In the&nbsp;latest act, customer service/support/training representatives were brainstorming new release procedures without any understanding of the subject matter.&nbsp; Yet, in spite of the fact that they don't know what they're talking about, what they were devising will probably be tried.&nbsp; No one will ...
    Posted to Geekin' It Real (Weblog) by bbenson on September 21, 2006
  • Job listing caution

    I just saw a job listing that really bothered me.&nbsp; Here's why: ''These hiring managers move quickly! They are looking to get folks hired on by the end of the week.'' I wouldn't want&nbsp;a job where they move that quickly.&nbsp; The best teams I've worked on were the ones that took their time&nbsp;to make&nbsp;sure they found the right ...
    Posted to Geekin' It Real (Weblog) by bbenson on August 10, 2006
  • Null expectations in computer science

    I've been dealing with VB 6 a lot lately -- too much, in fact -- and&nbsp;I'm getting really sick of it.&nbsp; Among other things, I keep dealing with stupidity as evidenced by the following comment I found in code: ''VB doesn't like Nulls'' When I finally heard someone say ''VB doesn't handle Nulls well'', I had to correct him.&nbsp; This ...
    Posted to Geekin' It Real (Weblog) by bbenson on July 31, 2006
  • Hello World.

    I suppose it's fitting that my first entry in a programming blog would be&nbsp;titled so.&nbsp; It doesn't bother me that it's horribly derivitive.&nbsp; It's a universally recognizable indication (among programmers, anyway)&nbsp;of the beginning of something that is expected to evolve and improve. I have a blog on a popular community/networking ...
    Posted to Geekin' It Real (Weblog) by bbenson on July 11, 2006
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