Geekin' It Real

More than just a living, coding is a lifestyle.

About Me

I've been programming since I was 13 years old.  I started with a few dialects of BASIC and quickly moved to the C language family.  I primarily consider myself a C# programmer right now, but C++ is always in my heart.

I'm currently a Senior Programmer at a software company in Roseville, CA.  I maintain a system written in VB 6 and I can't wait to rewrite it in C# with WinForms (assuming we ever get to do it).  Most of my support tasks have involved writing T-SQL scripts to fix customer mistakes and I don't mind that as much as tracing spaghetti code.

In my spare time, I work on my own software projects, study linguistics and human languages, watch way too much TV, play the occasional video game, and generally keep to myself.  I get out occasionally but not often enough to give it much mention.

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